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Useful Resources During COVID-19 Crisis

Useful Resources during COVID-19 Pandemic 

This page is intended to provide you with up to date information on COVID-19 and also to provide you with resources while you are out of work, out of school, or simply looking for tips on how to keep yourself and others healthy.  Please take a look at our sub-links located to the left to see the specific resources available for each category!

If you are a current Adult Education student and you have questions about school, please contact your counselor and/or case managers or email us at and one of our office team members will get back to you, thank you.

*Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our offices are shut and we are unable to take any new adult education students at this time. However, this too shall pass, and we are eager to have you join our MA&CE family as soon as we have the ability to do so. Please fill out this form so we can get to know you better in the meantime!*


Recursos Familias Immigrantes Durante Covid

El Abogado Rafael Rodriguez Cruz

Resources for Immigrant Families During Covid

GHLA Fellow & Law Graduate Shehrezad Haroon

En el área metropolitana de Hartford, personas elegible con preguntas pueden llamar al 860-541-5070.

In greater Hartford, eligible individuals with questions can call Greater Hartford Legal Aid at 860-541-5070.

La abogada Giovanna Shay es responsable por el contenido de este mensaje.