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Art-Ventures: Penguins and Polar Bears FTK01

Embark upon a journey through the Arctic and Antarctic regions to learn about the captivating lives of penguins, polar bears, and other cold-weather creatures. In this fun, art-packed series, art explorers—equipped with a myriad of unique materials, tools, and techniques—set out on an adventure across the frozen tundra to discover life in and around the icy waters of the earth's Poles. Sculpt clay polar bears and penguin reliefs. Build sand castle lighthouses and create shimmery sea jellies out of recycled materials. Paint sharks or fish on stretched canvases. Design hats as colorful as the Northern Lights, make gyotaku fish print aprons and transform plain t-shirts into oceans teeming with creatures. Explore the art of decoupage, collage, stained glass and so much more while learning fun facts about endangered creatures and the importance of being kind to our earth and oceans. Grades K-5

Sessions:  8
Dates:  11/5/2018 to 1/14/2019
Meeting Time:  Monday 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Location:  Manchester High School
Manchester High School
Instructor:  Art-Ventures
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