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Intro to Astronomy Part 1: Our Solar System Does the Cosmos fascinate you? Do you often find yourself starring up at the night sky with jaw-dropping awe? Would you like to learn more about our cosmic neighborhood? Well, itís time to hop on board the cosmic express and take a journey from our precious planet earth to our solar system and beyond! View Class
Yoga Classes Sign up for these full-body relaxation and balance classes that will give YOU, your ultimate mind and body wellness goals! Classes have already started but you can still sign up for a discounted price. Call us to find out more! View Class
BellyRobics Back by popular demand, Bellyrobics is the ultimate aerobic exercise for women of all ages and abilities-and the most fun, too! - Also only $7 per class! Have some fun and sign up today! View Class
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Adult Learning & Continuing Education Classes

With Manchester Adult and Continuing Education, your dreams can become reality. Learn a new skill in one of our fun and relaxing enrichment classes, or get ready to make a major life change with our free academic programs. We also offer a STEAM summer camp during the month of August which kids love and they are at unbeatable prices! Just browse our offerings to find a place for learning in your life.




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Ready to get your high school diploma, learn English, or prepare for college? We can help you achieve your goals!

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From fitness and crafts to technology and classes for kids, we offer fun courses for every interest!

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Check out these educational classes that kids love because they are fun!