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GED Testing Information

Important Information

There is an online GED test that has become available to everyone. There are strict requirements before you choose this route. Go to this page to find out more information and see video below:

Impact to candidate exam schedules

We know you have questions about the status of your exam and rescheduling or scheduling new exam appointments at this time. Our customer service wait-times are long right now as we work to help candidates across the globe. Please see the FAQs to find out how to reschedule your exam.

How will I know if my exam is canceled?

You will receive an email cancellation notice and you will either receive a refund (if paid to Pearson VUE) or an extension as determined by your exam sponsor. You can also log in to your Pearson VUE account to see if you can still see your upcoming exam appointment.

If you are still able to see your upcoming exam appointment, please expect your exam to go ahead as planned, but with additional health and safety measures in place.

Can I reschedule my exam at this time?

Yes. You should attempt to reschedule your exam through your online Pearson VUE account. The system will only allow you to book exams on dates that will be available for testing.

If you have additional questions regarding voucher usage or testing windows, please visit your exam program's homepage to speak to the customer service team associated with your program.

Are you ready for your GED exam?

Once you feel ready to take the exam, visit GED.com. You will create a profile that allows you to take online practice tests which can help you determine if you’re ready for the real exam. A 'likely to pass' score will indicate that you are ready for the actual test!

We offer GED testing at Manchester High School. Dates and times available will be provided on GED.com once you are cleared by the Registrar. If you have any questions or need any assistance, call us at 860.647.5075.

To qualify to take the test, you must be a resident of CT and be 17 or older, officially withdrawn from school for at least six months, and have not graduated from high school. If you are under the age of 21 or a veteran, test taking is free. Otherwise, there is a $13 registration fee. Please note that the procedures to register for the GED test have changed. You are required to have 'likely to pass' scores on all four subjects prior to scheduling your GED test registration appointment. Proof of this will be needed at the time of the registration.

Please note: A total score of 145 or higher is needed to pass the exam.